Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam is an ancient city, it originated from a small village by the Nhi river.

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Remaining thousands of years of national development and fighting against the invader, Thang Long or Hanoi has become a sacred land hosting a variety of cultural festivals. Hanoi is a harmonized and fascinating blend of the architecture of East and West, with Chinese influence from one thousand years of dominance, and French design from the colonial past as well. It is largely unspoiled by the modern French architecture of the 1970s to 1980s. Hanoi is now going through a modernization which is making it a rising star in Southeast Asia.

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Hanoi Free Tour Guides

Hanoi Free Tour Guides

Hanoi Free Tours By Foot  offers foreign travelers a free guided tour in Hanoi, which has a thousand years old of culture and traditions. Our Hanoi free tour guides will take you to walk around the center of Hanoi with your request or our club’s plans, free of charge, including eating or helping you buy stuff if needed. Although our tour guides may not native English speakers, but to become a Hanoi Free tour guide, they were chosen and trained very carefully and perfectly by our club, besides we are young and full of energy with heart-warming hospitality and we really love Hanoi. Our tour guides ensure that you will have the best memorable experience in and/or around Hanoi. Even if you already live in Vietnam, all foreign people are welcome. We make sure that we could know about Hanoi more than you do! If you wish to have a walking tour or others with a free tours guide of our club, hope you have nice time with our Hanoi free tours, book now! We look forward to meeting you in Hanoi soon!.

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Hanoi Free Tours By Foot

Free Walking Tours Hanoi

If the answer is NO then Hanoi Free Tours By Foot would love to accompany you. We are pleased to present Vietnam travel mates Free Walking Tours Hanoi. We provide a platform for free local tours in Hanoi, freelance tour guides to lead walking city tours as well as food, so that you may enjoy a quality sightseeing experience of beautiful capital of Vietnam. Our Club is a project of a practical environment for Hanoian students practice what they have learned at their school. Furthermore, they have an opportunity to improve their foreign languages. which they would love to learn.But please do not worry, because of being a tour guide, they were carefully selected and trained. Even some of them could do their job better than a real tour guide. Hope you can enjoy and never forget Hanoi city with our Free Walking Tours Hanoi.